Friendship Between Micronations

The micronation phenomenon has created an exciting network of creative people. Through these creative nations, the league of small nations was founded with the goal to help the needs of micronations. The league exists to advance the rights of small sovereign nations, and help advocate world peace. The need for unification is key to the survival of micronations and the interaction of these states have produced particularly interesting events and displays.


I am happy to inform the citizens of Ahland that we have received word from His Excellency President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia that they consider to be friends of the Nation of Ahland. His Excellency notes in response that we “have already made great strides and done interesting things with Ahland” and is impressed with our progress thus far.

The Republic of Molossia was first established in 1977 and holds land surrounded by the state of Nevada. Formerly a Kingdom it became the Republic it is known as now in 1999. Within the 37 years of existence it has progressed so far to have its own banking system, navy, space program and measurement systems. We are proud to call ourselves friends of the Republic of Molossia.


Republic of Molossia

How to make a micronation



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